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3D printing

We work with FDM/FFF technology, which is increasingly affordable and improving quality.

FDM print allows, in addition to rapid prototyping, to print functional parts with strength of about 70-80% of that of an injection molded part, but with reinforcement with ribs or large thicknesses at certain points, we can also offer details with better  characteristics  than injection molded. These can be gears, claws, straps and many other details. Also, in a relatively easy post processing / finishing, such as sanding, picking, painting, we get a fully functional panel, box, etc. All the functional details are printed on 100% fill.

! The greater the print resolution, the better mechanical performance. For example, a 200-micron gearwheel will have better strength than the same print at 100 microns, but will have clearly visible layers.

We can print single details to small and medium series (for example key chains) with several machines running simultaneously.

Logos of companies with moving parts that cannot be produced by conventional methods, are especially actual.

We also have a larger printer with an area of: 360/360/400 mm, which gives us the opportunity to get large objects on a relatively low prices.

Depending on the purpose of the printed object, various materials, such as PLA, ABS, polyamide, polycarbonate, etc. can be used.

We can assist with our designers in the development of a new product to obtain a functional model. Depending on the quantities, we can help in making an injection mold matrix for large series or silicon matrix for smaller series  that are  casting of resins/polyurethanes/with the properties of an injection molded plastic.

Prices for 3D printing

Our price is formed mainly by the type of the workpiece, the type of material and the print resolution. Many of the objects need support material that is also calculated.

  • High resolution: 200+ microns (0.2 mm) – standard height of the layer. The layers are visible but printouts have good mechanical properties.
  • Small resolution: 100 microns (0.1 mm) – almost impossible to see.
  • Resolution 50 microns (0.05 mm) – such detail is almost smooth, but for large objects this technology is not profitable.

Prices for PLA – Density 1.24 g per 1 cm³

  • 200 microns – 0,50 lv. per gr.
  • 150 microns – 0,60 lv. per gr.
  • 100 microns – 0,80 lv. per gr.
  • 50 microns – 12.00 lv. per hour

Prices for ABS density 1.04 g per 1 cm³

  • 200 microns – 0.60 lv. per gr.
  • 150 microns – 0,80 lv. per gr.
  • 100 microns – 1.00 lv. per gr.
  • 50 micron – 12.00 lv. per hour

3D printing with UV-LCD

Standard resins 0,70 lv./g.

  • Very high details, accuracy, but the details from these resins are fragile. They are used for figurines and non-working models. Also for models that will be used to make silicone  mold. Standard resolution is 50 microns /0.05mm/, but there is also an option for 10 ten microns / 0.01mm/

Non standard resins 1,50 lv./g.

  • „ABS like“ – resins with indicators close to ABS plastic
  • High temperature work up to 220 °C.
  • High strength resins, working models
  • Wax Cast resins

Minimum order to print: 25.00 lv.

To each printed piece is added cost for post processing / removing pad material and etc. /

For prices of: polycarbonate, polyamide, PETG and flex – please contact as.

Prices for post processing /finishing activities/ – from  30 lv.

Price for creating 3D model by drawing or sample: from 35.00 lv.

All prices are without VAT!

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