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Casting of plastic under pressure – injection molding.

It is used for serial production of thermoplastic polymers: polyamide, polycarbonate / glass-filled /, polyethylene, polystyrene and others. We have a STUBBE SKM 51 injection molding system with 50 tons of closing force and a maximum injection mass of 80 grams, tools with a maximum width of 280mm/280mm.

Casting of resins with similar plastic properties (polyurethanes).

Polyurethanes could be:

Elastic / elastomers / – pads of different hardness, pressures, and so on. Hardness is measured by Shore A and ranges from 35 to 95A.
Solid – casting models or functional details such as boxes, front panels, etc. are cast from them. Their hardness is measured by Shore D. The hardest polycarbonate grades have a hardness of 95D.
Casting may be loose or vacuum depending on the viscosity of the material.

Lemess and silicone molds / silicone molds.

This method produces functional details in small to medium series, with a relatively low price.

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