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The company has a long experience in project-construction and
engineering in the field of industrial device production, with a main
focus on bimetallic elements. The company evolves over the years
and starts production of its own temperature limiters, anode
testers for boilers, and centrifuge switches. Another product that
is placed on the market is the combined temperature regulator
with thermal protection, which pushes forward the production of
domestic boilers switch .


We released the production materials /filaments/ for 3D printers, and so far we have been working with PLA and ABS.Our goal is to develop high speed material from PLA /HS PLA/ and other types of filaments, from polycarbonate, polyamide, HIPS, PETG.

We have developed a 3D printers with FDM/FFF technology with 360/360/400mm ; 220/220/240мм ; 250/250/280мм work areas.

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